Artists We’ve Worked With

Ivory Blue (Pop/Rock) live tracks & unreleased work

Mad Libby (Rock) album “Off her Leash

Albert on Smack (Rock) album “The Back Forty Sessions

Theft Etiquette (Rock) album “Signal to Noise”

Sissyfist (Rock) album “Lightwork”

The Biff Tannens (Punk) albums “Johnny Dare is a Douche” & “Mouth Breather”

Zoe Roarz (Rock)

Jupiter & the Moons (Rock) mastering “Follow the Sun

Interstate Run (Rock)

Eric Borden (Spoken Word) assorted works including “Ditch Diggers

Zach Tyler (Folk)

Courthouse Fire (Metal)

Twisted Dragon (Rock) song “Used to Be”

Basically Almost (Acoustic duo)

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