Equipment Repair FAQ

How do I get my equipment repaired under warranty?

We must be informed that the equipment is under warranty when you deliver the equipment for service. (It’s too late when you come to pick up after repair!) Warranty repairs require your original sales receipt along with full name, address and phone information (day and evening).  If you cannot supply the sales receipt, you will be charged for the repair. Manufacturers require that warranty repairs be performed using parts supplied by them, so many cases will require that parts be ordered. (See ‘How long will it take?’ ) Please be aware that there are several limitations on manufacturer’s warranties. You may still be charged in some cases even if the equipment is within the warranty period. Most manufacturers only warrant vacuum tubes for 90 days and speakers for one year from date of purchase. If a tube or speaker is found to have failed after these periods, you will be charged for the diagnosis and the parts. You may also be charged for shipping expense for warranty repair parts. Claims for speakers may be denied if the damage appears to have been caused by applying excessive power or if an external amplifier failure destroyed the speaker. Manufacturers also do not cover physical damage such as broken knobs, bent or broken control shafts, and broken jacks. If the symptoms cannot be duplicated at the service center, a bench test fee will be charged to the owner.  If you are sending the unit to us through a dealer, demonstrating the symptoms to the dealer representative will help reduce this possibility. Shipping costs to the service center are the responsibility of the owner. Please re-read your warranty document before sending equipment for repair.

What information is required?

Please supply a detailed description of the symptoms and the control settings needed to demonstrate the symptoms. (Please, just tell us the symptoms… not what you think is causing the problem!)  If it is being sent to us through a dealer, please demonstrate the problem to the dealer representative. If the problem is intermittent (comes and goes) please make special mention of it along with a description of what causes the symptom to appear. (Intermittent defects are the most likely cause of  failure to duplicate symptoms, and we must be able to observe the symptoms in order to diagnose the failure..) Also include any accessories required to operate the equipment in order to demonstrate the failure. (Switches, disk media, special cords or cables, power adapters, etc.)

How long will it be before I get it back?

This depends on the amount of equipment that we have waiting for repair, which varies throughout the year. Our backlog builds starting in early spring, and decreases in the fall.  Typically, two to four weeks if required parts are in stock. If parts need to be ordered an additional two to four weeks may be required. If you need the equipment sooner, additional costs may be incurred such as rush service fees and air freight charges for parts. Even under rush conditions, timing often depends on the promptness of several other people, so no guarantees can be made for completion by a specific date. Contact the service center to arrange for urgent service. Equipment should be brought directly to the service center for these cases.

How much will a non-warranty repair cost?

Typical post-warranty repairs will cost approximately $90 – $180. Solid state high power amplifiers with shorted output stages often cost $200-250 or more. (If it blows the fuse, this is very likely the problem.) Please tell us the cost limit for pre-approved repair. If it appears that it will be greater than that amount we will call you with an estimate. A declined estimate (not repaired) will be charged for the time required to diagnose the unit and prepare the estimate. This is typically $60 – $80. Minimum charge is $40 for minor repairs. If the symptoms cannot be duplicated at the service center, a bench test fee will be charged to the owner, even if it is under warranty. (Manufacturers do not cover such cases.) About Estimates

How can I get the equipment in for service?

The simplest method is to bring it directly to us.  We are located near Lee’s Summit MO, at the southeast corner of the Kansas City MO metropolitan area.  Please call to be sure we are available and for directions. You can also ship to us via UPS or other carrier. (Please call before shipping any equipment.)  Note that most manufacturer warranties require the owner to pay expenses for shipping to the service center.

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