3 months ago
Photos from Stone Hound Sound's post

I’m always experimenting. Most experiments use 5-30 volts to power the circuit. But the latest experiments I’ve been doing are with a 12AX7 triode tube with 300 volts on the plate. Definitely ... See more

6 months ago

PSA: Don’t drop your amp. 😁 The more you know⭐️⭐️⭐️

Pic: Cracked inductor on a power supply

8 months ago

Experiments. #alwayslearning

10 months ago
Rupert Neve Lecture at CRAS 2001

A legend telling stories.


Rupert Neve visits CRAS in 2001. Video in it's entirety. Keywords: Audio Engineering Schools Music Production Schools Audio Recording Schools Our blog: http:...

1 year ago

Homework; Not the most exciting way to burn time in Atlantic City, NJ. I've Been getting under hoods lately, sharpening skills. Send broken gear my way!

2 years ago

Had a great time tracking Skewer yesterday. On to mixing.

Thanks to Jim Breau at Stone Hound Recording Studios for personally inviting us to his studio to record our first single "Used To Be". We survived the ICE STORM and can't wait for you to hear this ... See more

2 years ago

Have some exciting bands coming in next month. Also, Getting into some new ventures, more info coming soon. What I can say is I got some quality time driving one of these sweet machines last ... See more

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