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7 months ago
Eric Borden Ditch Digger Poet

First step to the next video. Thanks Stone Hound Sound. If you or your company have an interest in being a part of the next video please email me at eborden33@gmail.com.
This is a new poem to ... See more

7 months ago

Custom bias control for a 68' Fender Princeton Reverb.

7 months ago
Photos from Stone Hound Sound's post

I’m always experimenting. Most experiments use 5-30 volts to power the circuit. But the latest experiments I’ve been doing are with a 12AX7 triode tube with 300 volts on the plate. Definitely ... See more

10 months ago

PSA: Don’t drop your amp. 😁 The more you know⭐️⭐️⭐️

Pic: Cracked inductor on a power supply

1 year ago

Experiments. #alwayslearning

1 year ago
Rupert Neve Lecture at CRAS 2001

A legend telling stories.


Rupert Neve visits CRAS in 2001. Video in it's entirety. Keywords: Audio Engineering Schools Music Production Schools Audio Recording Schools Our blog: http:...

1 year ago

Homework; Not the most exciting way to burn time in Atlantic City, NJ. I've Been getting under hoods lately, sharpening skills. Send broken gear my way!

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